Senior care - 5 tips for healthy living

Seniors or in-home elderly are vulnerable to many health challenges, hence doing basic things in an appropriate way would help to live a healthier and active life.

By following these 5 tips every day helps elderly parents or grandparents for the optimal life.  

Start Today!

  • Keep Hydrated:

It is very important to keep our body hydrated and to cleanse the stomach, organs and remove the waste from the body. Start your day with one glass of warm water to activate the cells of the body and drink 8 to 10 glasses of water to keep yourself active whole day. Consuming liquids like fruit & vegetable juice, water, tender coconut etc., would help you keep hydrated.  

  • Keep Track of Medicines:

 Special care has to be taken once the doctor prescription is received.  Nowadays, most of the people forget to take medicine or medicine overdosage may lead to serious health issues and there are chances of other health complications. To reduce the risk of the overdose of prescribed medication, we should always maintain a time to time follow up by keeping reminders. If you are unable to track your medicines, better to take help from your family members or a home nurse.

  • Keep Moving:

The best way to lead a healthy life in older age is the daily physical activity. This helps to strengthen the bones and reduces the risk of certain health hazards.  To keep your parents or senior citizens healthy and active in the home, motivate them to do exercise or walking in a day for a half-an-hour at home premises or public gardens. If they are unable to walk by themselves use mobility aids such as walkers, wheelchairs, scooters etc., or human assistance, to be healthy.

  • Keep Connected:

Being lonely at home when there is no one to interact or speak with them, leads to a mental state of depression. So it is always better to keep them engaged and often communicate with them to decrease the stress levels. Allowing them to mingle with neighbors, children, and relatives helps to keep happy, live a healthier life and stay strong for the longer time.

  • Keep Things Nearby You:

Often seniors forget things easily or might misplace the daily necessary items in the room such as medicines, spectacles, water bottle, watch, medical prescription etc. During such situations, to avoid sudden anxiety/panic attacks. Make sure the things and objects need to be arranged nearby to access easily and use them from time to time without anyone’s help.

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