Patient safety measures in home health care services

Health Heal, is the leading home health care service provider in India, have developed the quality indicators to ensure the safe and effective care delivered to elderly at home/geriatric care institutions which are very much in line with international patient safety standards as well as the standards given by the National Health Portal of India to promote safe healthcare practices in health sector.

Health Heal Quality Policy and Objectives:

We provide the coordinated team approach to address the physiological, physical and social needs with the dignity of care and bring therapeutic and rehabilitative healthcare services to home and at long-term care homes.

We have developed quality indicators as safety issues which are as listed:

1) Falls:

Falls or Accidents are very common in an elderly population due to change or deterioration in their health which is challenging for many families to prevent such falls. Hence, Health Heal committed to preventing such falls by implementing safe practice standards.

2) Pressure Sore:

Sore is also called Pressure Ulcer which will affect the human body when people sit in a chair or sleeping in bed for long hours in the same position without any change in body position. It will lead to injury of skin and underlying skin tissues for continuous high pressure to certain body parts.

It is a big challenge to treat bed sores at home. But, we always follow effective methods to prevent pressure sores i.e., make patients change their posture for every half an hour or 1 hour who sits on the wheelchair or lie on bed continuously which will reduce pressure on certain body parts. It helps in blood circulation and avoids damages of skin.

3) Medication Error:

Treatment errors occur because of wrong medication and by doctor prescribed medicines which may harm patient or may sometimes lead to untoward events.

To keep patients safe, we follow standard and safety guidelines to administer the medicines with a proper prescription to reduce medication errors.

4) Pain management:

Pain management usually refers to the process of medication or alternative healing methods or physical therapy to reduce pains of the body, caused due to injuries or surgeries.

Our trained clinical team helps in reducing chronic pains and manage by treating the patient with pain management modules and physiotherapy at home in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune and Hubli.

5) Mobility Impairment:

Disability caused due to sudden injuries may sometimes lead to Mobility Impairment. Disabilities can also be by-birth or through the side effect of a disease. Persons with disability go through the process of improvement.

Our home nurses, help improve the independence level of a patient or elderly persons by making the act of moving from one position to another, and also by carrying out lighter physical exercises at home and guide you to follow a healthy diet.

6) Re-hospitalization: 

Re-hospitalization is a process of readmitting patient to the hospital within a shorter period of time. As a home health care service provider, our caregivers follow certain clinical processes and treatments to help minimize or contain frequent re-hospitalizations.

7) Malnutrition:

Deficiency of proper intake of right foods such as multi-vitamins, carbohydrates, fiber-rich foods, proteins leads to Malnutrition. An improper diet caused by not following the guidelines of proper diet by Dieticians leads to health issues significantly.

Our certified nutritionist in Bangalore prescribes appropriate diet plans to give quality nutrition on a daily basis. Our Dieticians curate the diet plan according to the patient need and challenges to assist them to improve the nutrition, by delivering Nutrition Care Services at Home.

Safety Goal:

Health Heal believes in the quality of healthcare to be made accessible and affordable to the community. Hence, have decided to observe December month as patient safety month, to know more about patient safety at home and elderly care institutions please be tuned for further information.

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